Handy Little Tool - Small is Powerful!

seam unripper.jpg

I think of all the handy gadgets for sewing, the humble seam unpicker is my favourite. its so small - the size of a small pencil - but it is useful. I was reading another blog on another page about three ways you can use the seam unpicker to …yes, folks - unpick a seam. But did you know that there is so much more besides this use for it?

Firstly, lets have a closer look at the design of this product - so we need to look closely at it…you will see it consists of a metal spikey end, and a plastic handle, with a pull of cover for the spikey end that, when attached to the handle, turns it into a more ergonomic handle when in use.

Secondly, on one of the metal tips there is a small round bead.-like object. This forms a blunt, but low friction surface which, when in contact with a hard surface such as a table, helps you to rip a seam, or indeed create a buttonhole in one smooth move. Yes! A buttonhole - its basically a ripped hole in the fabric, but the seam unpicker makes it a controlled rip. And the ball tip makes it easy.

Then, there is the other spikier tip which is - ouch!! - sharp!. This makes it possible to get under even the smallest of stitches and slide the stitch towards the blade of the unpicker, which is located in the “U” shape of the tip. Take a look in the photo. So this blade can be used not only for unpicking seams but also by the side of you as you are using the sewing machine, to cut thread or to help you to “bring up the bobbin thread” loop, or to locate the loop when you are fastening off stitches using what I call the “pull through” method when top stitching.

Lastly, when you have finished using this tool, pull off the extra handle and pop it back over the sharp end, and then into your sewing box, ready for next time! Click on these pictures to order yourself a seam unripper as a gift for yourself, or somebody else!