Write for us! This is your opportunity to tell your story and win a £50 voucher!


Do you have a story to tell ….?

……..about your experience and skills in dressmaking or following a dream ? Write it down and send it to us! There are no prizes but your piece would be published on our Blog.

You might have just bought your first ever sewing machine and you want to sing it’s praises, or maybe you had a spooky experience with a haunted sewing machine, or maybe something really amusing happened or you decided to leave your full time job and start running your own fashion business…whatever your story, we would love to hear it!

There is a £50 voucher for Sew Works up for grabs for the best written piece, so get your typewriter, computer or paper and pen out now and write a piece no more than 500 words please!

The details:

  • 500 words in English.

  • include your name, email address

  • Emma Morrison Dressmaking decision is final for the chosen published piece

  • Closing Date is 30th September 2019